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Radha Manjrekar

They have great mixes for different concerns

"I've been drinking teas from enchanteas for a long time, they have such a good range of flavours, I've been enjoying them especially during this quarantine, they have great mixes for different concerns, my personal favourites are the stress relief and immunity booster tea."

Delia Lisa Almeida

They are not just teas but "healing teas"

"Enchanteas is a brand that has come my way and I know I am going to be a customer for life. They are not just teas but "healing teas" and you will experience the difference in your body in the first week itself. Enchanteas stands for wholly and solely: The best quality products with health benefits and a great price range."

Vriti Daryanani

This tea has just given me so much relief!

"The sore throat antidote was the best tea ever. I have been suffering from sinus for years now and I've always had to take a pill to feel better. With the help of this tea, I have stopped taking my medication. It has really helped me feel better and relieved, from nose blocks to my throat feeling weird. This tea has just given me so much relief!"

Karon Varme

I am hooked to your teas!

"I have recently tried some green teas and herbal teas from Vahdam teas as well. They lack the flavour, fragrance and taste which is there in Enchanteas. My mom has just finished the box will soon order some more! I am a heavy black coffee drinker but I am hooked to your teas!! They are amazing."


Best tea I have ever had!

"Best tea I have ever had! Loved their wide range for teas and flavors. I have tried quite a few of their teas and I must say, It is of best quality and I am definitely gonnabe a regular buyer. Also their personalized service to make me find tea according to my taste and need is exceptional. I highly recommend their teas."

Anv Varshini

Enchanteas have unique and different tea blends!

"I am a coffee addict, recently I came to know about Enchanteas page on their Instagram, where I saw their tea blends were amazingly unique and different and then I felt it was too pricy. So I started to research for other tea brands. where I came to know they are not enchanteas, because the tea blends which I found and tasted were so true... you can see the whole herbs and spices in them and not the powders of the herb. So I felt they really deserve this & you can feel the difference when you have your first sip."

Manashi Crasto

It's been an amazing journey with Enchanteas

"Ever since I've got introduced to Enchanteas, I have been in love with the brand and all its amazing tea blends that I have tasted. It's pretty hard to just pick one favourite out of the many amazing ones.but my absolute go to and must haves are Hibiscus Ginger and Rose Tulsi Green Tea. These magical herbal teas not only help me to relax and rejuvenate but also brought a lot calm and balance to my life. Thank you Enchanteas for your magical healing teas. Can't think of a day going by without you in my life."