What is Enchanteas?

Tea Blends that meet your Wellness & Fitness goals

We take pride in the fact that each blend recipe is made under guidance of an Ayurvedic Consultant. The prime focus is emphasising on the Healing aspect through the use of teas and herbs. Tea is a part of our culture, a part of our day to day lives. This conversation starter is not merely an ice breaker but it has un- tapped Ayurvedic blends that focus on all round health concerns such as Diabetes, Detox, Lung Support, Immunity boost, Weight loss PCOD etc. We have expertise in using ancient traditional medicine techniques, plant based medicine and combining it with the futuristic technology of today for an overall holistic & healing lifestyle. Tea is more than a beverage, it is an experience and our goal is to help people in being able to fully unlock the potential of its healing properties to cure mind & body.

A note from the founder

"Enchanteas” project, a Health & Wellness sister company of the established firm "The Cha House", with an exceptional experience in the field of manufacturing speciality tea blends for highly established brands in the country and involves importing as well as exporting of loose leaf teas for more than twenty years. Enchanteas focuses purely on the medicinal, health & wellness aspect of teas and herbs using Ayurvedic guidance. With a firm backing of tea expertise in sourcing and blending, Enchanteas adds more benefits to your cup of tea.

"Being a certified Tea Sommelier & Health Aficionado, I have culminated my knowledge and love to tout tea health benefits and foray into mainstream wellness. Indulge in those little "cuppa" of warmth, deliciousness and health ! Welcoming you to the world of Enchanteas!"

Deepika Kapoor